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Naval Base Kitsap Area Parks, Picnic Areas & Campgrounds

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The naval base simgle has a stockpile of some one thousand nuclear weaponsholding more than anywhere else in the country. This was an operation that would rival a SEAL Team 6 undertaking, as the intruders slipped into the 7, acre base by rtident through three fences under the cover of darkness, roamed undetected for more than four hours, and penetrated a "shoot to kill" zone guarded by Marines. The Bangor 5 are a far cry, however, from a team of strapping young ninjas toting high tech automatic weapons. These elderly intruders scoped out the base using a map from Google and broke in armed only with the power of their moral conviction. Why would five seniors risk getting shot to death on a nuclear base?

All are longtime peace activists who, borrowing a page from Wiki Leaks, say they felt morally compelled to act as citizen weapons inspectors to expose America's "weapons of mass destruction. Each ship carries the equivalent of " Hiroshima-size bombs," says Kristensen, enough nuclear firepower to destroy every city in the northern hemisphere. According to former U.

Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who appears in the film, "There's the capacity operating out of that base Kitsap-Bangor to destroy life on the planet. The Findiing, they say, also violate the Supremacy Clause of the U. Constitution, which declares that any international treaties the U. The Bangor 5 also believes the use of nuclear weapons would violate provisions of the Geneva Convention, which the United States has signed, that prohibit indiscriminate killing and acts of violence when civilians cannot be distinguished from combatants.

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The activists hoped to raise all of these issues as part of their defense, but were precluded from doing so in ww court. The Bangor 5 are members of Plowsharesan international movement opposed to nuclear weapons, which follows the injunction of the Prophet Isaiah who urged nations to abolish war and "turn swords into plowshares. We do all the driving and you travel in style! We offer open and league bowling, tournaments, lessons, video games, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Small picnic areas with grills are also available on a first come, first serve basis.

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Your car, truck, motorcycle, boat or recreation vehicle will get great exposure eomen potential buyers! Trideht is open to all sintle service members. Active Duty may escort up to two guests, as long as they are 18 or older. Non-military personnel have authorized access to coffee and snack bar. The Bangor swimming pool is a lane lap pool with 6 Lanes dedicated to lap swimming during operation hours. Features cardio equipment, free weights, TRX, spin bikes, outstanding group fitness classes, and much more! Fitness equipment orientations, youth orientation, fitness assessments and facility tours are available. We have fins, kickboards and pull buoys available for lap swim use as well as water aerobics equipment.

There is an 8-man hot tub located on the pool deck. The unmanned facility offers the best in cardio and strength fitness equipment, basketball and racquetball courts.

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