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The limbo sex toy pan servile as it penetrated her del. She had always had to use her responsible piercing to gusto the hood out of the way during gusto sex, but her clit was now much more servile.

Danielle prided herself on appearing attractive but she always wanted more. That's when the thought of having her clit hood erotiv first entered her mind. Danielle knew of course then that having her clit hood pierced would have blown father's top off. She didn't even ask him. The problem was that most piercing establishments required minors to have parental consent for any piercing or tattoo work.

Unfortunately, Danielle was only sixteen. It had taken a lot of searching but she finally found a place that would waive the parental consent requirement. The man behind the counter, Frank, hadn't been terribly receptive of breaking the law for her, but he consented after Danielle offered to pay twice the regular price, up front in cash. After she paid him, he instructed her to go to the back changing room and handed her a paper hospital gown. Danielle thought it was odd that he wanted her to be completely naked for the piercing, but she didn't argue since she didn't want him to change his mind.

He called over his shoulder to her, "Why don't you get on the table and put your feet in the stirrups?

It was and she was at the zip's met. To her glad, however, he glad anon.

Her stomach fluttered in nervous anticipation as she climbed onto the table. The teenager hadn't counted on the discomfort of being exposed before a stranger. She shivered again as her feet slipped into the cold stirrups. The girls at school were all starting to rebel against the years of repression. Piercing body parts was the latest fad. Whole gown has to come off for any piercing below the neck. She pulled the paper gown off and handed it to Frank, who tossed it on the floor. Resisting the urge to cover herself, the sixteen year old kept her hands at her sides. Her tummy was perfectly flat, her pure porcelain skin Clit erotic piercing story glowing as her long limbs lay on the table.

She had the flawless breasts of a teenager, completely firm with no sagging, crowned by a small brown aureole with a pointed nipple. Her firm, apple-sized breasts betrayed her age by jutting straight from her chest, even as she lay back on the table. She felt her nipples harden from exposure to the cool air. A shaved crotch would probably even get her more attention in the shower room, she decided. It would make her stand out even more, raising the jealousy level higher. She watched Frank as he got the shaving equipment ready. He was a massive man with very large arms and shoulders.

He wore only a tank top that revealed the numerous tattoos adorning his arms and back. He was by no means attractive and Danielle wondered if that made her more or less comfortable that he would be the one to pierce her clit hood. Danielle flinched slightly as he ran his fingers through her pubic hair. He snapped the straps closed and adjusted them until they were firmly tightened against her flat abdomen. Danielle thought that was all he was going to do until she felt a strap tighten around her ankle as it rested in the stirrup "Wait, is that really Frank nodded as he secured her other ankle. She felt very vulnerable and exposed as she lay naked before this man.

She felt him run his hands through her pubic hair again but she was completely immobilized this time. The teenager wanted to protest again but she heard the buzz of the clipper fill the room as Frank began to trim her pubic hair. She looked down and saw him lean in very close to her crotch until all she could see was the top of his bald head. To her relief, however, he worked quickly.

Piercing Clit story erotic

Her only embarrassment came when she felt him touch her vaginal lips as he moved them out of the way to avoid the clipper. You don't want it to look all scraggly, do you kid? This time she felt him brush against her clit several times before running a finger between her lips, caressing from her clit to her vagina. The sixteen year old blushed in embarrassment from the intimate contact. Soon though, she felt the razor blade sliding smoothly across her lathered nether region. When he finished, he wiped a warm, dampened washcloth across her pubic area. Danielle felt the strange sensation of the washcloth against her now bare skin. It felt very different. He reached above the table and swung down a mirror that attached to the ceiling by a swiveling arm.

Danielle watched the mirror as he moved it into position. In the reflection, she saw her crotch, completely hairless. Like a ten year old, she mused to herself. Her vaginal lips were arranged as if by an artist, resembling the petals of a flower as it closed around her inner labia.

Danielle tried to smile back at the ugly man. All she could do was nod though. I have to warn you though that I'm going to piercinh to get your clit erect and popped out of the hood before I can pierce anything. She watched his hand approach her pubic area in the mirror. He rummaged through a drawer in the tableside stand. I guess it's okay if you don't use gloves Danielle flinched as he made direct contact with her clit, not accidentally this time. He must have been using some lubricant because his thumb glided smoothly over her hidden clit. In the mirror, Danielle Piercihg as his thumb moved in slow circles around her clit.

Despite the simulation, the sixteen year old was Cllt uncomfortable to respond. She didn't like being touched by this burly, tattooed man. She watched in the mirror as he moved his other hand to her crotch. She felt a finger separate her lips again and run between them, pausing at the entrance to her vagina. The sixteen year old was still completely dry. Danielle blushed as she saw it. She knew what erotuc was before he even switched it on. She had seen pictures of vibrators before but she had never seen one in real life. A low and gentle hum Cliy the room as Frank switched on the sex toy.

Frotic sucked in her breath as the buzzing vibrator piercinh her clit. The sensation was too powerful and the teenager bucked, trying to move away from the simulation. The straps around her waist pidrcing ankles held her tight however. He pressed the vibrator harder against her clit. Danielle squirmed on the table but it was no use. The vibrator stopped tickling now but even worse it was indeed turning her on. Embarrassed, Danielle felt little tremors run up her spine. She stopped squirming and lay silent. She tried to concentrate on getting the piercing.

Her clit felt hard and swollen against the vibrator as it buzzed against her. Danielle felt a flush start to rise across her chest. I think that's enough now," Danielle told Frank. He looked at her, his face blank. I'll tell you when. A lone finger parted her labia and this time she felt her own lubrication wet against his finger. Staring up at the ceiling, she tried to ignore the man's touch against her exposed private area. She had always had to use her hood piercing to hold the hood out of the way during oral sex, but her clit was now much more accessible. Having tried it, she was hooked and it wasn't very long before she volunteered to have the split halves of her hood removed by the same process, leaving her clit fully exposed.

Having lost her hood piercing she was keen to have her newly exposed clit pierced just below the "glans" with a 10 gauge ball closure ring. Sometimes she adds weights to this and her clit now protrudes slightly beyond her outer lips. When we are on the nude beach her clit and its ring are clearly visible when she stands and walks around. We have had many admiring glances and the occasional compliment about this mod. Having got over the easy bit I now convinced her that the next stage would be removal of her inner labia. We were concerned that the potential for excessive bleeding would be greater and we began to look for a urethrologist to do the job properly.

We found one on-line without difficulty and made an appointment. His site advertises labia reduction so it would not be a surprise when we asked for this. As it turns out he would also have done the hood removal and this would no doubt have been a safer course of action. The day arrived and we went together. He examine my wife and agreed that he could improve the appearance of her labia. He offered her a choice of reduction or full removal. We chose full removal and an appointment was made for a week's time back in his surgery. Using local anaesthetic he numbed her labia and vulva and within minutes was removing the labia.

He stitched it up the cuts and within an hour we were in a taxi on the way home. We abstained for sex for three weeks while the stitches dissolved and the swelling went down. We both love the appearance of her vagina with its prominent pierced clit and neat, clean appearance. Her urethra is also now clearly visible when she opens her legs. Since having it done she has had three 4 gauge piercings in each outer labia and has increased the clit piecing to 6 gauge.

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