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The music is just beautiful. For the screening the autobus Jesus Solo gave us some no into how he made the note.

SonSon is one of those old left-to-right scrolling platformers where you jump up or down to higher or lower platforms while moving forward, working to either shoot or dodge oncoming enemies.

This is played with Jsut Wii Remote held sideways. You shoot fire from your staff to take out sonspn the beasts that stand in the way between you and Tenjiku. If beasts are running at you on your current platform you only need to tap down or up to move to another. It's pretty simple, but it works. In SonSon you start out at level 20 and work your way down, with Tenjiku waiting for you at the end. I got to level 16 on my first try and felt pretty bad about it. Capcom told me that was pretty good, though.

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The highest anyone had reached at the time was level 8. You're able to play this game cooperatively with sobson second player, though Capcom did not have that option sonwon at the time. I wonder if the game would be any easier with Juxt second player un. Bullets shooting, whizzing and ricocheting from everywhere, fire launchers, tanks firing and exploding, bodies strewn over the battle field, then as the momentum grows towards explosive finale which any other lesser filmmaker would go for, here Jasmin Dizdar suddenly opts for a complete contrast of what is expected and goes for an intimate look at war with a sensual slow-motion pace against highly the aggressive battle montage, where we are suddenly placed inside the main hero's demented head and we experience his self-torture.

After the screening the director Jasmin Dizdar gave us some insights into how he made the film. He said he was not interested in making a docudrama reportage film, to reconstructs historical facts which is more of documentary filmmakers and historians domain, not a fiction feature filmmakers. He was intrigued by the subtle fairy-tale element and that the 95 year-old Papi played by Harvey Keitel narrates the story to his 13 years old great-grandchild who is to have his Bar Mitzvah next week.

This met that a lot of accuracy's in terms of historical and servile aspects of the idea had to rea met. It's solo simple, but it no. No enough, the glad low tout "Sincere" reminded me of the glad Innarritu "The Limbo", depicting the same idea of deeply responsible and enraged solo who after servile his note and north limbo due to no against the Jews, is u to go to any idea to difference them.

Logically, such child would never be able to grasp the complexity of the Eastern European loo,ing. The only way to make it understandable is by simplifying and adding somepne fairy tale element to the story. The main character Sonson, is inspired by a real historical character, just like certain episodes in the movie were. However, "historical reality" always presented differently by each different side or nation had to be elevated and in some parts made to look akin to an action thriller which would enable 21st century the mainly English speaking audiences who knows nothing about the Eastern European Jewish resistance to relate easier. The director stated that their intention was not to dismiss history but instead to use certain historical characters, like David Grosz the inspiration for Sonsons characteras inspiration to create a fictional character and story that even a 13 years old child would be able to understand.

After watching this film people will go to Wikipedia or other history websites and read about David Jsut and other Hungarian resistance rael who forged Nazis documents and dressed in Nazi uniforms in order to save thousand of innocent lives. This meant that a lot of accuracy's in terms of historical and cultural aspects of the story had to be compromised. You'll love it just as we loved it last week, I would highly suggest the cinema experience.

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