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Iran's Supreme Leader blames 'enemies' for protests, death toll hits 21

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In the bedroom directly below, your whife lies asleep. Now imagine that an earthquake happens that collapses your floor, causing you to fall directly on top of her. Is the child of such an encounter halalzadeh legitimate or haramzadeh a bastard? Such tales of random ribaldry may sound anomalous in the seemingly austere, asexual Islamic Republic of Iran.

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They are human, after all. Yet for a variety of reasons — fear of becoming Salman Rushdie, of being labeled an Orientalist, of upsetting religious sensibilities — the remarkable hypocrisy of the Iranian regime is often studiously avoided. A common aphorism among Iranians is that before the revolution, people partied outside the home and prayed inside, while today they pray outside and party inside. This reverse dichotomy is true of a lot of social behavior in Iran. For many Iranians, this perverse state of affairs is now so ingrained, such an inherent aspect of daily interactions with Iranian officialdom, that it is no longer noteworthy.

To paraphrase the late U. Islam was a religion that emerged out of a rural desert, and the Prophet Mohammed was himself once a shepherd. Whereas religions like Christianity and Judaism simply declare such behavior to be sinful, Islam addresses them from a juridical point of view. In an interview with the New Yorker several years ago, an Iranian security official candidly assessed the challenge at hand: The majority of the population is young. Because they are horny, they like to watch satellite channels where there are films or programs they can jerk off to.

One might assume a country that suffers from chronic inflation and unemployment — not to mention harsh international sanctions and a potential war over its nuclear program — would have better things to do than discourage its youth from masturbating. Social media crackdown Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Monday tried to downplay the significance of the protests, which have spread beyond the capital of Tehran to at least 18 cities, claiming that "This is nothing" compared to other outbreaks of unrest.

But authorities have nonetheless responded with mass arrests and by restricting the use of the social media apps Instagram and Telegram, used to organize the rallies. The US State Department said it is encouraging tech companies to try to keep such sites accessible in Iran. We want to encourage the protesters to continue to fight for what's right and to open up Iran," Undersecretary of Public Diplomacy Steve Goldstein said.

An Iranian man shows his phone as certain apps were restricted in Tehran on Tuesday. There also are now concerns that some protesters could face the death penalty. Musa Ghazanfarabadi, the head of Iran's Revolutionary Court, said that some protest ringleaders could be charged with "muharabeh" -- taking up arms against the state -- and accused them of being connected with foreign intelligence agencies, the semi-official Tasnim news reports. The crime carries a maximum sentence of death. US accused of encouraging violence The Association of Combatant Clerics -- an Iranian reformist group led b Khatami -- acknowledged that Iranians face "livelihood, economic, political, and social problems and difficulties" and said they have the right "to express and even shout their demands legally and through civil protests.

Iranian official accuses rivals of 'proxy war' during protests Foreign Minister Zarif tweeted that Iran would not allow "infiltrators" to sabotage protests. These hard-earned rights will be protected, and infiltrators will not be allowed to sabotage them through violence and destruction. In a statement on the President's website, Rouhani told Macron that a terrorist group based in Paris is "provoking and persuading people to take violent actions in Iran. All of the money that President Obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their 'pockets. The US is watching!

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