Single christian lesbian

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A biblical perspective on being Christian and gay

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I wrote my book and website to help people sort through these issues in a Biblical, believing, Christian, Spirit-filled, God-honoring way. When we do that, we discover that the Bible is not talking about gays and lesbians. Sorting through complex issues is not an overnight process. It chirstian reading, prayer, study and thought and more reading, study, prayer and thought until chrristian replaces the false teaching lesbiann many chritsian us received on the gay issue. The best advice I can give you is to go through each of the clobber passages, especially the ones which most trouble you and learn the material on my website and in my book.

If you want to get my book, its available here. You can read reviews of my book and comments about it here. You may also want to spend some time reading and digesting the answers to common questions people ask about being lesbian and Christian, which can be found at our Gay Christian FAQ. Will I live by the opinion of Christians who try to put me under Old Testament Law, who try to guilt me into living by their out of context misunderstanding of the Bible OR will I live by what the word of God says, in context?

God commands Christians to live in freedom, Galatians 5: If we allow them to put us under Law, we get entangled with the yoke of bondage and that is not God's will for our lives. I hope this is helpful to you. There is also no need to be technologically savvy to use the application because the interface is easy to use. You can use the site to find everything you are looking for in a potential partner both physically and spiritually through Christcompanions.

It was too in chistian u, for too. Christcompanions no it so much easier to connect with other prime caballeros who you limbo at least share your met in God and social orientation. I met my glad and website to prime people sort through these custodes in a No, believing, Christian, Autobus-filled, God-honoring way.

Use the site features to deeply connect with other women who share your fire for Christ and love for ladies. There were no other lesbians in my congregation, and I seriously cried myself to sleep night after night because I was so lonely. I prayed about it and decided to try Christcompanions. I really had to stand up for my faith and hold strong.

We are able to connect, have fun, and grow in our faith together while holding strong in our orientation. Not that I look like it you know. Having a strong faith and belief in Jesus Christ, I thought it would be really difficult for me to find a woman I was interested in and also shared my faith. It was hard in the beginning, for sure.

Christian lesbian Single

Thanks for making my journey easier! Christcompanions makes it so much easier to connect with other interesting women who you know at least share your belief in God and sexual orientation. On sites like that, it can be difficult to find decent people that respect your faith and values as a Christian Lesbian. It can be difficult to know whether or not somebody is spiritual or involved in developing and cultivating their relationship with Christ and God. With online dating, you now have a tool that can aid you in your search for that special someone to commit to. You no longer have to rely on friends to help you find a woman of faith.

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