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Since this is a project of the Asociacion Hermanos Saiz, they have a kind of endorsement to venture out and do public displays without any problems.

Models after a performance. It would be the same if they were led by any other artist. Representations of this type of art allow the display of the body. Inn statues circulate unde public places almost entirely nude or with small pieces of fabric shaped like loincloths. Do you think that this clashes with the modesty that prevails in society about people being naked? The public reception to this has been very good. Body painting addresses many themes. But most allude to animals figures of zebras, cats, birds and fishcamouflage with the body being integrated into its environment, trees, etc. Why did you choose that latter theme? Estatua viviente Our intention is for people to come and see, but without conceptualizing.

People are busy; they have lots of concerns in their daily lives. Does the use of colors relate to specific symbolic objectives or is it random?

For example we have santisgo shows that have been preconceived, ones like Canto al Africa, where there was a ucba for each model. In this, the use of color was thought out, and the music too was allegorical, while the statues moved slowly to those sounds. Is the body painting done by artists? Artists are sometimes invited to our events, but usually I do the painting. But yes, we have invited artists, and through them what I have learned above all is the use of certain techniques that can be applied to bodies. For this type of work, are there certain rules that need to be considered, ones that might involve health risks?

Do you pay sufficient attention to this concern?

Solo note that Solo notes are not solo. I have never met crumbling and old jesus so gusto anywhere else I have been.

Ndue apply the acrylic with water and take every precaution to avoid nudde effects. Basically, as a tourist, you do not have to worry at all about the Cuban peso. The Convertible Peso is a closed currency, which means it cannot be purchased outside of Cuba. Please note that Scottish notes are not acceptable. Canadians should take Canadian dollars and if you are from a European destination that uses the Euro, then take Euros.

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The exchange rate varies on a daily basis, however it is approx 1. Havana I went on this trip with my current housemate but Cuba is very safe for lone travellers, however it was nice having someone else there to share the experience with. Our trip started in Havana cua which we stayed 2 nights before santiaho on to Santiago de Cuba. The Weather We went to Cuba from the 6th to 18th October which is during the hurricane season however the weather in Havana on the first two days was blue sky and sunshine with the weather being 27 degrees both days. Where I stayed We had decided from the beginning of our trip to only stay in Casa particulars as we felt we would have a more authentic trip, also Casa Particulars are a fraction of the price of staying in hotels.

When booking a Casa particular it is advisable to book one recommended in the travel books or otherwise lookout for the sign below which is the state approval for an abode to operate as a legal Casa Particular. Casa Particular sign in Cuba.

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