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Soldiers were all over biaak hospital, and a nurse on duty said her superior was ordered not to say anything yhe anyone having died. She also told Human Rights Watch that when an army truck drew up to the hospital entrance with some of the wounded, the latter were just pushed off the truck. There were reports of trucks taking away the wounded, however, and over thirty bodies washed up on the shore of East Biak in the weeks after the shootings took place. The government claimed they were victims of a tsunami that struck neighbouring Papua New Guinea; local people are convinced they were victims of the shooting. The bodies were buried without autopsy near the sites where they were found, contributing to the suspicion of a government cover-up.

It examined evidence and summoned witnesses who gave their accounts of what happened. Ferry Marisan, the director of the human rights organisation Elsham Papua, told the hearing that fishermen later found the bodies offshore. Other witnesses told of being tortured and sexually abused in custody in the days and weeks following the attack.

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She herself was tortured horribly. She was burnt, she was genitally mutilated and had injuries on other parts of her body. She was treated in the most degrading and vicious fashion by Indonesian police. It is hard to believe that human beings could do what these troops did.

One victim described being stripped naked in a room with other women and girls. For the next 24 hours those assembled there were beaten, raped and tortured. In a socially conservative culture, young girls and women were targeted while their friends and family were forced to look on. Later, around people were loaded on to navy vessels and taken out to sea. Mutilated bodies washed up on shores of Biak for many days.

This is despite Aitape being 1,km away, the tsunami occurring 11 days after the massacre and the fact most of the bodies were easily recognised by family members as their missing loved ones. There is no shortage of evidence. Church reports documented at least 70 washed up bodies and include eye-witness statements of abuses. Human rights organisations spoke out at the time. Major Dan Weadon at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta even produced an official report into the massacre, but it was never released for 'diplomatic' reasons. Then there are the survivors who have told their stories many times and will never forget. Not a single member of the Indonesian military has faced justice for these crimes and the Indonesian Government continues to deny that the Biak Massacre even happened.

Sunday 6 July marked the ten year anniversary of this tragedy. It is a day of remembrance for West Papuans around the world and commemoration services were held in many cities, including Melbourne. People often speak about Biak and East Timor's Santa Cruz Massacre in the same breath, but Biak lacks the devastating film footage that brought the East Timorese struggle to a global audience. However, the parallels between East Timor and West Papua are compelling. Neither were part of the initial post-colonial Indonesia and both were 'integrated' by military force. East Timor was given a genuine act of self-determination and chose independence.

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