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This incarnation of OmegaWoW will be filled with fun, new adventures while keeping things as Blizzlike as we can, of course! Telhmaat three sets that will make up this cycle of posts are a partial exception to that rule. The website and forum have been Legginvs redone, giving it the sleek modern looks it deserves. Some of the following sets will also include some crafted gear that is BOE or just plain bloody rare. With a new core, legacy rates, unique features and expanded team, we are looking forward to welcoming all of you to this decade's sensation. Once again reborn, we are proud to announce a new chapter in OmegaWoW's history.

While traditionally implemented during the later stages of progression, this time around Transmogrification will be unlocked through players completing the related Community Challenge! And who knows, there might even be a bug war on the sandy horizon Real Life, new well recycled game content, and other factors have served to distract.

Today's post brings us to Outland. The first weeks of launch will focus on the realm first race, then Legggings straight into Obsidian Sanctum, Naxxramas, and Eye of Eternity! More details on the challenge itself to follow. A place that to many of us arguably brings to mind OP Boars that owned many of us during our first forrays into Hellfire Peninsula, endless Kara runs, and suits of outlandishly mismatched of armor that easily classified as clown suits.

Telhamat Leggings of

The sets presented here appear to belong to the Telhaamat Elven school of aesthetics, though, to me are not quite as brightly colored as some Blood Elven clothing ; One of my goals here is to promote easily obtainable set for the casual, average player to obtain in which to look good with. We will soon open beta testing, so stay connected with us through our website or Discord if you're interested in helping! The forum is now operated on Invision Power, a strong forum software capable of countless more tasks, including Guild support!

Once the realm first race is mostly complete, Recruit-A-Friend will unlock for everyone to boost that friend who was on the fence about playing World of Warcraft!

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