Dating in the sky

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Stars in the Sky is more than just dating

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Ian Hargreaves Others are out enjoying single life — meeting new people, going out on dates.

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You would still have that normal desire to be Datiing a relationship or to have a sexual experience, but not only do you have the pressure of dating, you have to find someone willing to accept you for, well, being you. If you have any problems the staff help you, they are unbelievable. For many people that can be a frightening and seemingly impossible thing to do. The charity gets people of all ages signing up from all over the south. Snuggling up together on the sofa? Nicole Hamerton is the Stars in the Sky Hampshire project manager. Going out for a meal?

I have made some north friends here. For was con my glad prime with Stars in the Sky.

The staff are here whenever I need them. It was good for them to see that it is possible. Volunteers at the organisation chaperoned them on their first three dates and the charity organised everything at the wedding, from the flowers to the reception at Milton Village Hall. She also comes here, we met through college last January. Before I joined I never did anything.

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