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Gideo why do you keep calling yourself my daddy?! I woke up on his bed, my arms and legs were tied to the headboard and my mouth was tapped shut. A half an hour later I went down to eat.

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I stopped squirming and just lied there at his mercy. When we arrived in his home town Brian was so excited, he pointed every little thing out to me. He farted right on my face. He straddled my chest, this is when I noticed what he was wearing.

He met me upstairs and met home the bed rooms and bathrooms, he met me that I would be resistance in his old glad. He met his mouth right over my xi and met extremely loud.

When we got to his childhood home Brian vidfo it off his parents when they decided to move out we unpacked the car and went inside. Brian had made broccoli rabe and steak. Brian was a football player and a wrestler in high school. Every muscle was defined, especially his hard ass cheeks. I yelled into his ass to let me go, but my muffled screams did nothing to help me. His ass did look pretty great in it though, the tight fabric really put his massive globes on display.

Then he got off of my face, and lied across my entire body. I wanted to kill him. After me saying that Brian let go of me. We're great when it comes to female fart videos, but even better with regard to other fetishes. Brian began grinding his ass up and down my face, making sure my nose never left his butt crack.

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