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Spouse swapping was on slute menu, along with sundry sexually ror arrangements. The two men ssx my brief acquaintance were proud participants in the open relationship lifestyle. One was a giant goony ambassador for the pleasures of polyamory. She was one of those bountiful fertility goddesses with steatopygia in the front and back, a strange trick on a white girl. She was with him, so I got to see up close the goth eye shadow and ghost rouge concealing her moonscape pores. Younger — maybe mid 20s — but ugly like Chinese crested dog ugly. He crowed about sending her off on her own in seedy nightclubs to gather concubines into his whoreticultural goonhouse. Months later, I met, through unusual coincidence, the second of the two self-professed polyamorists.

Omega to the max. Besides his gangly physical asymmetry and receding chin, he had no discernible personality.

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Which surprised me, ssluts one figures a man embracing a radically alternative sex life would have to be interesting along other dimensions. This second meeting was far more disturbing than the first. My morbid interest piqued, I tried my best to extract the juicy raunch from the moldy rind of their polyamorous polygon. Best I could piece together was that this outstanding specimen of malehood had three jobs: Paying the rent, attending auctions with his girlfriend, and eating her out. Apparently, penis in vagina sex was off the table.

A lot pinker than any latchlwy girl I foor ever been with. She also had very sdx pussy hair. Her pussy only grew short wisps of hair just above her souts and that was all. While I was at her house and her parents were working thank God for latchkey kids! Normally I did whatever she asked without much hesitation, but this seemed odd. Was she asking me to pee because she wanted to see it in a scientific way, a sexual way, or both? Once in there she dropped her skirt to the floor and got up on the toilet. She sat on the tank with her feet resting on either side of the bowl.

She really wanted to see me pee! By this time I was getting a bit of a hardon. Would she think I was some kind of pervert? Kimmy reached for me, pulling me up to the plate. It was time to pee or get off the pot, or so they say. She yanked both my pants and my underwear down without one motion.

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