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Jill had met Sarah back cucoold dealer. But I just Mete she had always been what. The entire week we expected as newlyweds. I am not used to have sex with my grandma any more and Will is talking about introducing his editing couple to some of his seduce friends and start some fun times theyd had. Im same they either heard my grandma or they saw her list down on Will. My ho was so hard it was marketing cum.

I barely remember walking bull of the bar and into the lobby of the hotel. Blacj was like a bkack. I Meet a black bull cuckold the key to a room cucmold headed back to the bar. Cuxkold returning back to the bar all I could see was James sitting in the booth with a big smile on his face. It wasnt until I sat down across from him that I realized my wife was under the table sucking his dick. Thats when reality hit. It was really going to happen. Whoa, slow down girl lets head up to the room. Sarah came up from under the table and had this really wild look in her eye. He really does have a huge cock.

Youre going to love this baby. As we walked out of the bar Id swear everyone in there knew where we were going next. Im sure they either heard my wife or they saw her going down on James. Its what she wants. I forgot to tip the waitress so I told James Id catch up with them in the lobby. I returned to the table and I as I filed past the door I felt a hand on my arm and I spun around and was surprised to find Dave. Dude, that really was you. What are you two doing? Whos the guy with your wife? Im here meeting some business contacts and I thought that was you and Sarah. Here, look I took a video with my cell phone of her under the table sucking his rod. No, that wasnt Sarah its someone else.

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It was all I could think of but he wasnt buying it. Finally I said Look man, my wife is going to go Meet a black bull cuckold fucked by a big black guy and Im going to watch, okay? Hey, Meet a black bull cuckold Jill doing these days? I hear shes got a new friend named Marc. And with that I turned back around and left the bar. I caught up with Sarah and James waiting by the elevators. As soon as we got in James grabbed my wife and started to kiss her long and deep. This was it, it was really happening. I felt like I was going to pass out right there in the elevator. Here they were just inches from me and yet it was like I was half way across the world.

To them it was just the two of them. I did not matter. Once inside the room their clothes flew off. As soon as James was naked he pushed my wife down to her knees. She was ready for him to put his cock in her mouth but he paused. That was when I finally saw the magnitude of his manhood. From the angle I could see from sitting in the chair was that the profile of his cock stretched well past the back of her head. There was no fucking way that thing was going to fit in my poor wife.

Oh well, thats the one she picked out online so shes going to get it now. James then grabbed her by her hair and looked into her eyes. Im going to make you my bitch and that wimpy limped dick hubby of yours is going to have to sit and watch. Was he talking Meet a black bull cuckold me? James then cupped the back of her head and pushed his dick further into her mouth. I could hear Sarah gag a little and her eyes started to water. He held her there for some time and soon she adjusted a bit. He picked up the pace a bit and started to pump past her stretched lips. They proceeded to fuck like crazy for about an hour. At one point the phone rang and it was Dating a libra man front desk calling to say that neighboring rooms were complaining about the noise my wife was making.

She was definitely being loud as shed came about 10 times. In the background she was screaming Im your whore, I love your huge fucking cock! I Meet a black bull cuckold to the hotel operator and hung up. My cock was hard and one point James said that I should strip naked too and play with my little thing. Strangely I did as I was told. I was quiet and just did what I was told. Come over and lets Live sex moldova a little comparison for Sarah. I came over and he got right beside me.

Our cocks stuck straight out but he was easily twice as long and twice as thick as me. I was in awe. I couldnt take my eyes off of his magnificent cock. Sarah knelt down and grabbed both of our cocks and started sucking James. Go back over to that chair boy. Who was he calling boy? Holy fuck this was strange. I did what I was told. James got Sarah onto all fours on the bed and started to fuck her doggy style. He gave me a look from across the room. I was just sitting there in a daze. The Tequila and Valium had me totally mellow and engrossed in what was going on. I watched as James leaned close to Sarah and whisper something into her ear.

She nodded her head and I heard her say something like Yes, master James, whatever you want. With that I saw James start bucking wildly into Sarah full throttle and he let a roar and announced he was coming. He pulled out and again whispered into her ear. She rolled over onto her back and lifted each of her legs up back behind her head. Get over here and taste your wife now you little bitch! He commanded but I hesitated. This wasnt part of the deal was it? I had never eaten my own cum out of my wifes snatch before and now I was being ordered to eat his. Sarah was just spent but she gave me a look that said the same thing James had.

My oh my how things can change. I crawled over to the bed and got down next to Sarahs pussy. It was red and swollen and was leaking copious amounts of his cum. Suddenly I felt James push the back of my head into her pussy. If I didnt open my mouth I wouldnt get any air, so I just went for it. I slurped and licked and swallowed his cum. Finally he let go of my head and he asked how does it taste white boy? It tastes salty and bitter and its lumpy, I said. With that James let out a howl. Well Ill tell you what, you get over here and put your mouth where that juice came from. Umm, Im not gay or anything, I said.

I fucked a lot of white boys when I was in prison. Its all the same. If you want to keep being invited to watch your wife get fucked by me youre going to have to do what I say. My ad said I was a bull looking for a hotwife with a cuck. I must have looked confused. It means you watch and do whatever James and I tell you to do. I love you sweetie but James is our master now and we have to do whatever he wants, she said. So down on my knees I went. I couldnt believe this was happening to me. I had just watched my wife turn into the property of a black man and now I had to succumb to his wishes too.

James stood in front of me just like he had done with Sarah. His cock sprung straight out toward me. He grabbed me with both hands by the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. I could taste Sarahs juices on his cock so strangely I felt good about what I was doing. My wife right there next to me. I wasnt gay, this was just sex, just an exploration. Are you sure hes never sucked cock before? Hes doing a pretty good job but I think Ill give him a hand, said Sarah. And she dove in and started licking his balls.

I started sucking faster trying to fit more of him into my mouth. I was proud of myself for at least getting half of him in. James then said not bad, with practice youll turn into a great cocksucker like your wife. Here why dont you try licking my asshole? And he then grabbed my head again and bent over slightly and I pushed my tongue into his ass. Over my shoulder I heard a camera click. I cant wait to show this to Jill. At least my little white dick hubby is good for something in the bedroom now! And Ill show them to your friends and your boss if you decide to change your mind, said James. My cock was so hard it was leaking cum. I loved being degraded by them and I loved his big black cock.

I would do anything they wanted So you fucked guys in prison? His story fascinated me. He accepted that as a part of his sexuality. He was turned on thinking about her being with other men…lots of other men… They dated and quickly fell into a serious relationship. In many ways they had a normal, happy relationship. Eventually she stopped even attempting to keep her dalliances a secret as he never made a fuss about things she was sloppy about covering up. The cuckolding was hot for both of them. He could have been lying to me but I believed him. How he felt about this or that, etc. He simply gave me the facts. He had only been reading my blog.

Just for the heck of it. When I asked how he felt about me writing about him in my blog he said he would find it thrilling. So here it is. What will happen next? He excitedly explained what a loser he was trying to get me to laugh at him. The laughing was what turned him on. Cam session antics… The cam session went so well he requested a private session.

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